Malnutrition affects millions of children in South Africa, causing over a third of child deaths. Food parcels and soup kitchens can help but are not sustainable. You Grow-They Grow equips poor families to grow their own way to better nutrition, with you as their champion.

Our dedicated programme for UK primary schools is aligned with the national curriculum science programmes of study for key stage 1 and 2, covering plant biology and human health and nutrition, as well as providing information about South Africa, Munsieville and the lives of the families being helped by You Grow-They Grow.

Blending passion with compassion, You Grow-They Grow Local Chapters are set to make the gardening experience even better! We aim to launch groups across the country to celebrate your love of plants and gardening at the same time as exploring unique opportunities for amateur gardeners in your area to join together to inspire children in Africa to grow their way out of malnutrition. 

“The vegetables and fruits that are available in our local shops are of such bad quality as they are exposed to heat all day. I am so happy to be able to grow my own now and harvest everything fresh when we need it.” (Munsieville resident)